One of the simplest ways to update your bedroom is with a new headboard. Beds are typically a focal point of a room and a headboard sets the stylistic tone of the room while creating a strong visual anchor. Make your room to appear more spacious by using it to visually add a sense of depth and height while taking up only a little bit of space.


At Curtain Master, our goal is to enhance your home’s look and feel. We have a team of passionate designers who draw inspiration from all new and old trends to offer you a product you will love. Feel free to speak to one of our team for any questions you might have or to enquire about product prices.


Affordable Headboards for Sale

This is how headboards can benefit you:

  • Support when sitting up in bed
  • Keeping sheets and pillows in place
  • Creating more warmth and cosiness to ensure a better night’s sleep


Style Up Bedroom Furniture

Curtain Masters bring you a broad range of headboards in all sizes — single, double, queen and king. Our collection will make you want to sink back into your new lap of luxury while blending in effortlessly into all spaces. With so many colours, materials & designs to choose from, you are able to add interesting textural contrast or match the current furniture palette.


Headboards Sale — Great Quality at Low Prices

Decorate your bed with a brand new head board from Curtain Master. We have a wide range of head boards in various colours and styles to suit your overall design. Get in touch with the team to enquire about prices and we will send you a free quote. Call us today!