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Affordable Headboards: Where To Find The Best Deal In Durban

Most South Africans are tightening their belts in the current economic climate. Which means less money for things like new clothes or home accessories. Luckily you won’t have to give up the idea of having a luxuriously beautiful bedroom too. Not when you can find the best deals on headboards, curtains, blinds and other home accessories at Curtain Master. Headboards…

Why Made To Measure Curtains Are The Best And Where To Find Them In Durban

Let’s face it. No two homes are the same. And since windows come in various shapes and sizes, it can be challenging to find ready-made curtains that fit properly. Not even talking about finding something that suits your personal style. Your style directs how you’ll want curtains to look in a specific room. No matter which look you prefer, curtains…

6 Excellent Reasons To Choose Roman Blinds For Your Home in Durban

In case you don’t know, roman blinds are fabric window treatments that draw up into folds. While horizontal and roller blinds are typically the first choice, roman blinds have been around for many years and remains a popular choice. Below are some very good reasons to consider them for your home or business. With roman blinds, the style options are…

4 Ways Blinds Can Improve Employee Productivity in Your Durban Business

As a business owner, it’s vital to keep your employees happy. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. When employees are unhappy or dissatisfied, they underperform which ends up costing you money. Did you know that something as simple as window blinds can make your employees more productive in the office? It’s true! Here’s how.   Reduce Sun Glare Have…

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