This Is the Best Place to Find Quality Blinds for Sale in Durban

With everything going on in the world right now, people are more cautious when spending money. Essentials like food and electricity have seen rapid price increases lately, leaving less money to spend on luxuries. 

Now, we get it. Blinds aren’t exactly a luxury item. When moving into a new home or office, you will need to install some type of window covering such as blinds. Not only is it essential for privacy and light control, but it also helps to keep prying eyes out of your property, thus protecting your belongings. 

Some blinds are more affordable than others, and if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to find out which ones to install without sacrificing quality. The most affordable blinds in South Africa is:

  • Venetian (aluminium) blinds
  • Roman blinds

The next step is to find a credible blind manufacturer. Sure, you can buy blinds at your nearest home department store but, chances are, they won’t fit your windows as size options are limited. And, you will have to install them yourself. Contrary to popular belief, custom blinds are not that expensive anyway. You might as well invest in a quality blind that looks great and fits perfectly. 

Affordable Blinds for Sale in Durban

Since we’ve established that blinds are a necessity and that a custom blind installation is the best option, let’s move on to where you can find quality and affordable blinds for sale in Durban.

With more than three decades in the business and branches all over South Africa, Curtain Master is an industry leader in window coverings and home decor. Our range of services doesn’t stop at blinds, we also offer our clients curtains and accessories, upholstered headboards, wallpaper, wooden flooring and more. As a one-stop shop, we aim to make the decorating experience as simple and effortless as possible while hitting competitor prices out of the park. 

Our longstanding agreements with suppliers enable us to offer our clients very low prices. We also cut out the middle man and manufacture and install our own products. We don’t even have to put our products on sale to beat the competition. So when we actually have a sale, we mean business!

While we take great pride in being the best-priced blind manufacturer in South Africa, it’s our customer service that attracts and retains most of our clients. We want our clients to feel valued and heard. By no means does that mean that mistakes don’t creep in. But when they do, we fix them right away.

Growing and moving with current trends is essential to the success of our business. From the simplest aluminium blind to the most intricate motorised roller blind, we can do it all. And when it comes to fabric options, the sky’s the limit.  

Get your hands on high-quality blinds for sale in Durban and throughout South Africa. Get in touch with the team at Curtain Master to book your free consultation today!