Why Curtain Master Offers the Best Shutter Blinds Prices, South Africa

Shutter blinds are oh so beautiful. While simple in design, the luxurious aesthetics offer complete privacy and light control for you and your loved ones. Shutter blinds can also be pricey. Unless you know where to find a credible supplier. Lucky for you, we fall in that category. And no, we’re not about blowing our own horn. It’s simply the truth. Here’s why we can offer competitive prices on shutter blinds and other window dressings. 

We’ve Been Around for THREE DECADES

We’ve built relationships with suppliers over the years and we cherish those relationships. In return, we receive discounted rates from them, enabling us to manufacture and install high-quality blinds at affordable prices.  

We Manufacture It Ourselves

We don’t outsource the manufacturing process. We do it ourselves like we always have. And by cutting out the middle man, we can offer our customers excellent prices on all our products. We can also ensure the quality of our blinds.

We Value Our Customers

To us, it’s more than just selling blinds and curtains. We’re thankful to every single customer that’s ever used our services. It’s because of you that we’re still doing what we love most — manufacture and install window coverings for the whole of South Africa. And because we treat our customers with respect, they keep coming back. Because they keep coming back, we can offer competitive prices.

Now that you know where to find quality affordable shutters, let’s look at the different types of shutters available on the market. 

Types of Shutters Blinds

Shutter blinds can be a valuable addition to your home or office. At Curtain Master, we have confidence in our products and offer the best solution to your specific scenario. Our shutters and blinds are available in various colours and materials.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters make for a perfect addition to your home. They are resilient and strong, making them resistant to damage or potential breakage, while gorgeous and elegant.

Security Shutters

Security shutters provide a barrier between your home and the outside world, no matter the size. These lockable shutters have can deter even the most resolute criminal.

PVC Shutters

PVC shutters look similar to wooden shutters but are manufactured from non-toxic synthetic material. You will only notice the difference upon close inspection. Not only are PVC shutters versatile, but they are also very long-lasting and tough, making them an excellent investment when purchasing a new home.

At Curtain Master, we offer a wide array of shutters, blinds and curtains best suited to your home. We manufacture affordable, high-quality custom shutter blinds for windows of any shape and size. As a well-established business with more than 30 years worth of experience, you can rest assured, you are in excellent company. Don’t pay more than you have to for high-quality shutters, blinds, curtains or accessories. Contact the team at Curtain Master for a free quote. Book your consultation now.