Pitfalls of DIY Blinds Installation and Why It’s Better to Get a PRO

Window treatments are an essential part of any home. It enables you to control the amount of light that enters a room, provides you with privacy and helps reduce noise pollution. Another reason why we install blinds and curtains is to regulate the temperatures in the room. Blinds are available from retailers, or they can be custom made to your unique specifications. The latter generally include installation services.

There is indeed some benefit to a DIY blinds installation. You learn more about DIY projects in general, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you finally get it right, but as with everything, there are some disadvantages too. A DIY blinds installation might sound like a great idea, and perhaps you can save a few rands, but installing blinds professionally requires some skill. If you don’t do it right, the result can be disappointing, and you might have to pay a pro to do damage control. It will only increase your frustration levels and end up costing you more.

Downsides of Installing Your Own Blinds

  • You might get the measurements all wrong, and your blinds end up too big or too small
  • If it is your first time installing blinds, it will take up a lot of your time to get it just right
  • There won’t be a warranty to fall back on, and repairs will be for your own pocket
  • You might not get it right and need help from pros anyway

While there is no right or wrong way to install blinds, it is important to consider every possible outcome. If you still feel that a DIY blinds installation is right for you, then go for it! We’ll be here if something were to go wrong.

How Custom Blinds Add Value to the Home

Professionally installed window blinds and curtains add significant value to your property by complementing the interior design. We always advise our customers to stick to neutral colours if they want to resell their property in future. Installing quality blinds is a cost-effective way to make a home more desirable for potential buyers. Automating your blinds is also offers convenience and ads a touch of luxury not available in many homes, making your home more preferable.

Work with One of the Best Blind Installers in South Africa

At Curtain Master, we can help with the installation of roller shades, wooden blinds, roman shades, vertical blinds, zebra blinds, aluminium blinds, shutters, curtains and other related accessories. We take great pride in offering high-quality products and world-class customer service and strive to make your experience pleasant.

It is quick and easy to get a quote from Curtain Master. Simply get in touch with the team, and we’ll send one of our technicians to take measurements. Once completed, we’ll give you an estimate with no hidden costs. Should you accept, we’ll manufacture and install the blinds in no time. Don’t risk a failed DIY blinds installation when you can have complete peace of mind with the pros. Call us today!

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