What Blinds Are Best For Large Windows?

The newest and one of the most popular blinds in South Africa are panel blinds. Installed onto a special track system, they consist of numerous fabric panels. When the blind is opened, the panels are stacked behind each other and when closed, the panels form a continuous covering.


Panel blinds are an excellent choice for large windows and sliding doors. They can cover areas from 200mm to 1000mm. Offering multiple benefits such as privacy, light control and energy efficiency, panel blinds can also be stylish and versatile to suit any type of decor design.


How Do Panel Blinds Work?


Panel blinds are easy to use. They are operated with a special control wand that pulls all panels in the direction of choice. Panel blinds offer extreme diversity when it comes to application. They can be attached to sliding doors which adds to the convenience of not having to open the blind before opening the door.


If you want to further simplify operation, you can order a motorized version. Automated panel blinds operate at the click of a button and are especially convenient for patio sliding doors and extra-large windows.


Because they offer smooth and elegant shading without any unnecessary details, panel blinds can be perfect for nearly any type of window. If you’re looking for an effective way to control privacy and sunlight combined with a minimalistic design, consider installing panel blinds.


To sum it all up, here are the benefits of panel blinds:


  • Efficient for shading and light control
  • Reduce expenses by saving energy
  • Provide satisfying comfort and extreme privacy
  • Offer elegance and minimalistic design
  • Easy to use and low in maintenance


Panel blinds are multifunctional and offer a contemporary look. For more information about panel blinds Durban or to request a free quote, get in touch with Curtain Master today.