This Is How Installing Blinds Can Help You Save Money

Blinds are a popular choice when it comes to covering windows because they offer versatility and come in a wide range of styles and design.

Curtain Master blinds are available in an impressive collection of materials ranging from aluminium and wood to vinyl and composite. All of which can be manufactured in various finishes and colours to help you achieve the style you want in your home.

Did you know that blinds do more than just cover your windows or ad style to your design? They also give you privacy and enable you to manage the amount of light that enters your home. And they even block harmful UV rays to protect your furniture. But, probably one of the most important ‘duties’ of blinds, is to provide insulation.

During summer months, we are inclined to turn up the aircon when it gets too hot. While it’s effective in cooling our homes, it’s not the most cost-efficient option. Instead, consider fitting your windows with appropriate treatments to help control the temperatures in your home during summer and winter.

It’s believed that around one-third of heating energy is lost through windows and three-quarters of sunlight that lands on windows convert into heat. Blinds and curtains can lower cooling and heating bills by decreasing energy loss through windows.

Curtain Master offers various options designed to give natural insulation from external temperatures so you don’t have to increase electricity bills by using electronic appliances to manage internal temperatures.

We all need to do our part in protecting the environment and one way to do it is to minimise our energy consumption. By installing energy-efficient window coverings we won’t only save money but we’ll lower our carbon footprint too.

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